Advanced Workshop on Wine Culture – May 20 12:00 to 15:00 hrs

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sábado, mayo 20, 2023

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12:00 pm

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Duration: 3hrs – Price per person tasting + appetizers: €95 (VAT included)

Includes tasting of 6 wines + 6 appetizers + water service.


Deepen your knowledge of wine culture through a workshop where
We will touch on all the points that you should know when enjoying wine. What
you will learn in this workshop you will be able to put it into practice from the first day and it will be of
great utility to elevate your wine enjoyment to another level.


What are you going to learn in this workshop?

The main wine-producing areas of Spain.
The main grape varieties of our country.
The concept of terroir and how that influences the style and quality of the wine.
The quality system of Spanish wines.
Tips for choosing wine in a restaurant or in a store.
The ideal service temperature for each type of wine.
How to choose the right glass.
How to keep wine correctly at home.
How long can I keep each wine.


We will taste 6 types of wines + 6 appetizers

White wine
Orange wine
Rosé wine
Red wine
Fortified or sweet wine


To attend the event you only need the reservation number that will appear in the email
purchase confirmation.
Punctuality is requested. We recommend arriving a few minutes before the event.
Returns of this item are not allowed. Date changes can be made up to 72
working hours before the event, presenting a justified cause.

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